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Astronomy & Telescopes

Astronomy is among the oldest hobbies of mankind. Even the occasional backyard sky watching by unaided eye or a small telescope can be a marvelous experience. Astronomy has inspired thousands of Americans to buy telescopes and learn about the starry names and patterns overhead.

These amateur astronomers have experienced joys from intellectual discovery and knowledge of the night sky. Unfortunately, Americans have collectively paid hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal overcharges for telescopes since 2005 as a result of a long-running conspiracy to unlawfully fix the prices, allocate the market and customers, and gain an unlawful monopoly in the United States for telescopes, causing the prices of telescopes to be raised beyond competitive levels.


Is the estimated amount that US consumers
have overpaid for telescopes for years.

Illegal Telescope Price Fixing

80% of all consumer telescopes are manufactured by Synta and Ningbo Suny and imported into the United States for sale.

Normally, these two companies should be competitors, competing to provide better telescopes at lower prices, for the benefit of consumers. However, the telescope lawsuit complaint alleges that they instead collaborate on what prices to charge and which products their companies will create.

They have used their unlawful cooperation and dominance over telescope supply to enable their subsidiaries to take over the US distribution market.

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Telescope Lawsuit Sources:

Official Telescope Complaint (link to document)

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