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I Know What To Do After An Injury Caused By Negligence

Unfortunately, many things that should be safety-driven are instead profit-driven. Nonstandard medical care, prescription drug mix-ups, and ill-trained or abusive nursing home staff can all cause harm. Even the places where people drive, exercise, shop and dine, when not maintained, can cause harm and injury.

At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, I understand the impact of an accident that was caused by recklessness or negligence. If you or someone you care about was seriously hurt because someone did something wrong or failed to do something right, my firm can help. I offer a free case review so that you can discuss what happened and find out if you have a case. Call me, attorney Robert Signore, at 781-350-9080 today.

How Were You Injured?

Not every accident or mistake is cause for a lawsuit. However, in cases where someone either did or did not do something and this caused serious injury, it’s likely there is a reason and basis to pursue a lawsuit. Here is where I can guide you. My firm regularly takes personal injury cases related to:

  • Bicyclists and runners being hit by drivers
  • Drivers and passengers being hit by drunk, reckless or distracted drivers
  • Shoppers or diners slipping or tripping in a store or restaurant and getting hurt
  • People, especially children, being bitten by a dog
  • People being hurt by defective products
  • Patients being harmed by care providers or surgeons not doing what they should
  • Patients who were injured by being given the wrong prescription or a defective drug or device
  • Accidents where a family member or loved one was killed

I know it can be difficult to determine why something happened and who was at fault. I am here for you. I will answer your questions and let you know how my firm can help. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, accepts cases where one person was injured as well as mass tort cases where the actions of a business or entity harmed many people.

Work With A Highly Successful And Experienced Trial Lawyer

I have extensive personal injury experience in a broad range of matters. Focused on complex litigation, class actions and cases involving significant economic loss or public policy, I can advise and represent you. Get a free consultation about your issue. Call 781-350-9080 or send an email indicating your interest in speaking to an attorney. My firm serves clients nationwide.