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What To Do If You Were Hurt By Drugs Or Devices

At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, I have decades of experience handling complex medical cases. If you were hurt because a device malfunctioned, did not work or was not designed to do the job it was intended for, my firm can help. Legal medical issues can be complex. Work with an attorney with the experience and success needed to take on manufacturers and big pharma. Call me, attorney Robert Bonsignore, at 781-350-9080 for a free case assessment.

What It Takes To Have A Case

Drugs need to undergo extensive testing before being released into the market. When manufacturers fail to warn users about possible drug interactions or harmful side effects they are acting negligently.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, can help you establish whether you have a case. If you were the victim of serious or fatal side effects that were not effectively warned about, talk to me. When warranted, I will pursue litigation on your behalf. Widespread harm may be pursued in a mass tort or class action case.

Devices are also required to undergo extensive testing. When you can prove you used the device and had a diagnosis showing a serious side effect (such as cancer, tissue destruction or further physical harm) that you were not warned about, this is the foundation of your case. I will investigate whether there is a correlation between the device and your injury or harm. Your “paper trail” medical history and your testimony, as well as the testimony of medical experts, can confirm whether the device (or drug) caused an unintended injury.

Reach Out For A Cost-Free, Risk-Free Case Review

I have an established personal injury practice that spans decades, with acclaimed case results and a national reputation as a trial-tested, award-winning attorney. My firm offers a free case review for those who have suffered from a drug or medical device. Call 781-350-9080 or send an email with a brief description of what happened, and my firm will be in touch. I take cases all over the United States.