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An Established Mass Tort Legal Practice

There are law firms, and then there are law firms that work cases. When pursuing a class action or mass tort suit it is imperative to work with a firm that has what is needed to pursue a case and get results.

The reputation of Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, speaks for itself when it comes to mass tort cases. My firm does not rest on its reputation; I continue prove again and again that it is the firm for mass tort cases with every case I take and win. I am attorney Robert Bonsignore, and I have decades of mass tort experience, taking such giants as Target, Big Pharma, medical devices and weed killer. I have been lead trial counsel in cases with jury verdicts totaling in excess of $350 million.

When To Pursue A Mass Tort Case

When a person or a business does something that harms another person a civil suit is often pursued. Civil cases, where monetary damages are pursued, are based on tort law.

  • A tort is something someone does or does not do that causes injury or harm to someone or a group of people.
  • In a mass tort case, as opposed to a class action case, each plaintiff is seen by the court as an individual. Each person will receive compensation based on the harm they suffered.
  • When many people are harmed by a business or entity, it may be wise to pursue a mass tort or class action case.
  • In both mass tort and class action cases there is a group of people who are suing a business or manufacturer for financial or physical harm suffered.

As an established firm for both class action and mass tort cases, Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, offers experienced and savvy counsel on these cases.

Types Of Cases I Handle

Any case that involves the injury of many people can result in a mass tort case. There are medical devices, drugs, chemicals and products that cause harm. If you were harmed by a medical device, drug or product it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury attorney who handles mass tort cases. At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, I understand what is needed to prove both negligence and liability. You can then find out if you have a case and what to do next. My firm handles a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Weedkiller such as Roundup
  • Surgical errors, hernia products and breast implants
  • Medications that cause cancer such as Zantac
  • Products that fail to work, sold as a pyramid scheme or part of a monopoly
  • Personal injury cases of many types

Every day new medicines and new products enter the market. The one surefire way to hold manufacturers accountable to consumers is to speak up when something is not right. At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, PLLC, I am your voice.

Do You Have A Mass Tort Suit? Discuss It With A Skilled Attorney.

I know mass tort law in a way few attorneys do. I have the legal background, the resources, the passion and the experience these cases require. Find out if you have what is needed to pursue a case in a free case review. Call 781-350-9080 or send an inquiry email. My firm serves clients nationwide.